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The number of breweries in the Harrisburg region has grown exponentially since I moved here. Not long ago, Appalachian Brewing Company had opened a brewpub in Harrisburg and the Trogner brothers had a small microbrewery for their venture, Troegs Brewing Company. These local brewers have since been joined by a growing number of aspiring homebrewers who have since opened new breweries in the greater Harrisburg area. Other brewing companies have also moved into the area, further increasing the demand for microbrews on tap at local bars. This page is my personal list of breweries in the Harrisburg area as I am now struggling to keep track of all these new brewing companies (which is great!). If I’m missing a brewing in that you know of in the greater Harrisburg area please shoot me an email at breilly7 (at)


Besides these breweries, there are a number of noteworthy beer-related organizations worth mentioning:

  • Susquehanna Ale Trail – A 14 location tour of some fantastic beer locations in Central PA
  • American Craft Breweries Facebook Page – Shameless plug for a page I maintain partly just for fun, but also to promote worthy breweries


Thinking about starting your own brewery? I certainly hope you do, just keep it in the central PA area! Here are a few great resources for the homebrewer:


Beer Events in the greater Harrisburg area:


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