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Spending Labor Day weekend in Harrisburg? Check out these fantastic events!

It’s Kipona weekend first and foremost! If you’ve never been to Kipona, it’s a weekend-long Harrisburg festival that attracts thousands of people for wine, art, and food. It’s a family friendly Harrisburg event that really has something for everyone. Check out the website for a listing of events taking place throughout the weekend along Harrisburg’s Riverfront Park. Don’t miss the chili cookoff on Saturday!

The Shippensburg Corn Festival is another event coming to the area on Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. The event features about 300 food and craft vendors along with what else- a corn eating contest.

For something entirely different, check out the PA Rennaissance Faire. For Labor Day weekend they’ll have free admission for kids and lots of special activities catered to children.

If you’re in the mood for a Labor Day road trip, the Vineyard at Hershey will be tailgating at Penn State as they kick off the season. The Vineyard will be renting a limo-bus and providing their own beer and wine along with food. The event is sure to be a blast for anyone who enjoys football, food, and good drink.

Want to get out of Central PA entirely? How about making the most of the extended Labor Day weekend with an Ocoee River rafting trip? The folks at Ocoee Adventure Center in Tennessee provide Ocoee River kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, and hiking. What could be a more memorable Labor Day experience than screaming down a raging river with some friends? Rafting the Ocoee is sure to be an experience you won’t forget!

Beyond these above events, Labor Day in Harrisburg is full of a number of smaller events taking place at libraries, theaters, parks, and local businesses. Check out Pennlive or closer to Labor Day weekend for even more great events in the Harrisburg area and beyond.

What are you planning to do for Labor Day this year?


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