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I’ve been in Harrisburg for about 10 years now (yikes!) and I sometimes forget about this area’s hidden treasures. There are a lot! Being that two of my biggest passions are eating great food and enjoying fine drink, downtown Harrisburg is a place I frequent quite a bit. I’m familiar with all of the restaurants and bars downtown, but perhaps too familiar because I often forget about the wonderful food and drink offerings the Harrisburg Hilton has!

Not only does the Hilton have the best brunch Harrisburg has to offer in their Raspberries restaurant, but they also have the Golden Sheaf restaurant for fine dining, the Patio for outdoor seating, the Bar for live jazz and Market Square Cafe for more casual meals. Have you tried these restaurants lately? They are all excellent. If you are a wine aficionado, definitely check out the Golden Sheaf for a mind blowing selection of world class wine. You probably didn’t know that the Golden Sheaf is Harrisburg’s only AAA Four Diamond restaurant and has won multiple awards from Wine Spectator for their wine selection. (If you’re not familiar with the area I can assure you this is a big deal for Harrisburg!)

Don’t underestimate the entertainment value of these venues either! The Patio is by far the best outdoor seating available in downtown Harrisburg, and what could be better than sitting outside and enjoying free jazz on a summer evening with a great craft beer, scotch, or martini?Hilton Harrisburg Patio

Also, if you’re looking for awesome special events in central PA the Hilton can certainly accommodate large parties or weddings, but actually puts on a number of their own special events that are definitely worth checking out. They have a winemaker dinner series every couple of months that highlights wine and food pairings from a particular part of the world, they occasionally do unique pairings like oysters with martinis, and they also have a number of outdoor events on the Patio through the warmer months as well.

The moral of the story here is get back to the Hilton Harrisburg! We’ve all been there at one time or another, but this place is always worth considering when you head downtown for a night on the town. They have different buffet offerings throughout the week at Raspberries, and also have fantastic deals for happy hour in Harrisburg. Did I mention they have free live jazz? I’m talking live jazz for happy hour every night! Really a fun venue and if you’re into great food and drink like I am you’ll surely enjoy any of the Hilton Harrisburg’s restaurants and bars.



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