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If you’ve ever had a sports related injury or completed aquatic physical rehabilitation you very well may have dipped your toes into a therapy pool made by Middletown Pennsylvania based company HydroWorx International. The company’s advanced therapy pools are enormously popular with therapists, hospitals, clinics, and professional sports clubs all over the world. Not only do they feature a host of technological advancements like multiple depth floors, water treadmills, and deep tissue massage hoses; they have the research to back up their products. Elite athletes all over the world have made incredible comebacks from devastating injuries using the HydroWorx aquatic rehabilitation approach. Injured veterans, patients with neurological disorders, folks struggling with obesity, and elderly with balance problems have all used HydroWorx pools to improve their health. The company takes a research first approach which ensures all of their products are overwhelmingly supported with real data that has opened up partnerships for the company with elite organizations and athletes all over the world. hydroworx

One such athlete that has partnered with HydroWorx: 4 time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson.

Michael Johnson and Lindsey Anderson, the Director of Performance for Michael Johnson Performance, have teamed up with HydroWorx to offer a free webinar on Linear Speed Mechanics. The webinar is taking place on May 21st at 12:30pm EST, but if you aren’t able to attend HydroWorx does publish all their webinars to For this particular webinar, participants will gain an understanding of linear speed training and also how to use aquatics to improve athletic speed. Coaches, trainers, and therapists will surely benefit from the insight and technique shared by the experts at Michael Johnson Performance.

My understanding is that Michael Johnson knows a thing or two about how to run fast, so make sure to check out this fantastic webinar! HydroWorx frequently offers top notch webinars about various aspects of aquatic training and therapy. Topics range from aquatic therapy for neurological disorders to creative aquatic programming ideas. The folks at HydroWorx truly are the aquatic experts, and they have the clients to prove it! HydroWorx plunge pools can be found in the training rooms of countless professional teams around the world, and a great number of university athletic programs have also added HydroWorx exercise pools to their facilities as well.

If you want to excel as a fitness or therapy professional, or would like to benefit from these amazing pools in your own home I definitely recommend visiting their Middletown, PA facility or visiting the HydroWorx website for more information!


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