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This time of year I think everyone in the northeast is going a little crazy. The birds are chirping, flowers are popping up, and the weather can be snowy one day and summerish the next! Until this finicky transition to the sunny summer weather of southcentral PA is complete, it’s definitely time to consider a vacation!

From time to time I’ve written about day trips and such within easy reach of the Harrisburg area, but this trip is a little longer drive; call it an extended weekend trip. This extended weekend I’m recommending is to a small outfitter called Southeastern Expeditions that offers white water rafting in Georgia. True, this is an experience that’s definitely for the outdoorsy type, but they really do offer a lot of cool experiences even for folks less interested in taming the wilds of the Chattooga River. Besides rafting, SEE offers fun camping excursions, and you can also canoe or kayak the white waters in Georgia as well.

Chattooga River Rafting With Southeastern Expeditions

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried rafting, canoeing, or kayaking, they offer trips for different skill levels that start at different sections of the Chattooga River. I mean you can tell your friends anything you want, but ultimately the danger/excitement level is up to you. They do of course have professional photographers on site to take sweet pictures of you to show off as well. Just make sure to smile while you’re frantically trying to stay in the raft 🙂

To get a taste of what it’s like to raft the whitewaters of the Chattooga you can check out a ton of cool photos on Southeastern Expeditions website, or better yet find them on facebook for those classic candid shots. Some of the faces in those rafting photos are priceless! The one thing I especially like about this company is the staff; they are an exceptional bunch that really go out of their way to make sure everyone has a memorable experience (for the right reasons). If you have any questions about travel, lodging, rafting or whatever, just give them a ring and they’ll get you taken care of.

Aside from all the water, you can be sure that the end of day cookout along the Chattooga will be a blast! For some strange reason, nearly all of the guides double as expert grillers and are sure to prepare you a mean steak or locally caught trout. Great food, awesome staff, an incredibly memorable adventure and one more thing- they provide all of the gear! That makes it super easy for midstaters like us to get out and enjoy a fantastic extended weekend adventure without being weighed down by all of the details.

So get out and start an adventure, your extended weekend trip to the Chattooga River awaits!

Anyone have other extended weekend trip ideas for the greater Harrisburg area? Leave a comment below!


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