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The recent chapter 11 bankruptcy filing from the Coliseum Enteratinment Megaplex in Camp Hill was certainly disappointing news for me, and after giving it a quick thought I figured the least I could do to help the place rebound (besides increasing the number of $2 pints I consume there) was to create a fan page on facebook. Pages on facebook are pretty similar to facebook groups, just with better features and capabilities. And thanks to the help of, I was quickly able to throw together a decent page where people can freely join and show their support of the place – click here to check it out for yourself.

Now if you have never been a fan of the Coliseum’s $2 selection of 24 beers on tap, the 80 some plasma screens, million dollar plus arcade, 2 restaurants, Maggie Moos Creamery, or bowling lanes then feel no need to support the place. That’s not to say however, that there aren’t a number of other local business pages on facebook that you might be fond of. For instance, I’ve created pages for Troegs, Appalachian Brewing Company, Isaac’s Restaurant, Maggies Italian Ice and a number of others.

It’s easy to do, so if you’d like to see your favorite hangout gain popularity on facebook then just create a page (as long as it isn’t already in existence of course) and invite your friends to join. I’m kind of amazed at how quickly people can connect on common interests over facebook and the like, and I’m hoping with a few clicks of the mouse that we’ll be able to help out some of our favorite local businesses.

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