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Technology continues to shrink our planet, especially since the advent and explosion of online social networking tools. Recreational sites like MySpace and the Facebook have inspired a new generation of sites designed specifically for business networking such as LinkedIn and Xing. Perhaps at one time you could assume that there were 6 degrees of separation between you and any other person in the world, but anymore it seems almost everyone is within 3.

As the world community gets smaller, the opportunity for collaborative ventures and quality interaction between professionals of extremely specific disciplines or industries is growing exponentially. One site in particular that has just recently been launched is becoming increasingly successful at providing a powerful platform for high technology and life science professionals to interact, learn, and collaborate. KnowledgeMesh, launched by the Hershey Center for Applied Research is a cutting edge social networking website designed to advance the global research and development community by connecting faculty, the private sector, investors, government agencies, and the high technology workforce.

KnowledgeMesh is an organically grown system that has very quickly swelled to well over 1,000 members of varying industries and backgrounds from all over the world. Advanced features continue to be developed to enhance the site’s user friendliness and effectiveness, including RSS, blogs, file sharing, communities, and more.

Here’s a screen shot of my own profile to give you a glimpse of what the system looks like from the inside:

You can see that the interface is clean and extremely user friendly, with different functions neatly tabbed and easy to find. Like most social networking sites online currently, there is no charge to utilize the service, all functionality of the site is available to every user. You can view a complete overview of the system and it’s capacities on YouTube. Simon Revell, Manager of Enterprise 2.0 Technology Development at Pfizer was the speaker at the KnowledgeMesh Official Launch on May 18th, 2008 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Pfizer is just one example of a company that is utilizing social networking tools to their full potential.

As social networking platforms continue to grow in popularity and functionality, there is no doubt that the possibilities for successful interactions and collaboration are endless. Thanks to sites like KnowledgeMesh, people involved with extremely specific research and business ventures can easily reach out to others around the world working in the same space. You may be surprised to find your niche is shared by someone half way around the globe. Small world indeed.

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