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Experience Harrisburg, the annual job and internship fair that takes place at multiple downtown venues is officially on the calendar for the evening of October 23rd, 2008. The fair is going into it’s 7th year of existence, and naturally this year will be the best to date! I can say that because I’m planning the job fair myself, and since taking over the event for the first time last year I’m already looking forward to making it even bigger than the last time around.  While the event does pose a number of logistical challenges to pull off, I really enjoy coordinating some 300 students from over two dozen random colleges around 9 different downtown venues. The event not only provides a large number of students their first encounter with the city of Harrisburg, but also allows them the opportunity to network with some 40 employers from the region for potential jobs and internships.

Of course the event is a real win-win for the city of Harrisburg, but it also makes a usually dull and mindless obligation – the job fair – into something altogether enjoyable. Participants get to check out 9 different venues downtown, try food from a number of restaurants throughout the night, and finish the evening at Dragonfly Nightclub with free pizza and huge prize giveaways. Now that’s a job fair!

At any rate, more to come in the near future, but the event website has been updated and the date finalized – mark your calendars!


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