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After hearing good things about this new little spot in Camp Hill I decided to stop in for dinner and sample the homemade noodles for myself. It’s funny because the place used to be a Long John Silvers, but they really have cleaned it up quite nice, you probably wouldn’t notice unless you already knew what it used to be. Personally, I’m really not too disappointed with the change of cuisine (does anyone actually eat at Long John Silvers?). The inside isn’t too big, just a collection of small tables for those who wish to eat in and a counter for those who wish to take their food elsewhere.

For our dinner, my counterpart chose the beef pho and I took on the spicy jam bong. We both agreed that the pho was just average, as we are quite spoiled by a number of great Vietnamese restaurants here in Harrisburg, but the jam bong- delightful. It was deliciously spicy and included a collection of chicken, carrots, and cabbage on top of homemade wheat noodles. Unlike the rice noodles used in the pho, the homemade wheat noodles were noticeably fresh and perfectly cooked.

Besides the pho and jam bong, the Asian Noodle house has a host of various Asian dishes including Thai food and the regular American-Chinese food favorites. If meat isn’t your thing they also have a number of tofu dishes to accommodate your kind (I don’t know how you do it). All in all, I like the place quite a bit. The restaurant is clean and the staff were all very kind so in my book the Asian Noodle House is definitely worth a return visit.


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