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In a word, this place is authentic! My girlfriend and I finally tried this spot out for dinner last night and we both agreed that the food was just incredible. While the place isn’t much to look at, it’s nice enough inside to enjoy a great meal and the staff that works there is extremely friendly.  And while the food is completely authentic, the menu is also in English so don’t worry about that!

To start we tried two pastelillos which were just amazing, and following those we tried a stuffed plantain that was equally as delectable. If you’ve never tried either of those items, pastelillos are crunchy pastries filled with beef and stuffed plantain is a fried plantain that tastes much like a sweet banana, filled with beef – trust me it’s delicious.

That really would have been enough for dinner but we figured the leftovers would be just as good the second time so we also ordered two meals. I got the pork with yellow rice and beans and my counterpart ordered the chicken with white rice and beans on the side. Both meals were really incredible, very authentic Spanish-American food. I took the opportunity to try a curious drink to go along with my meal which I have mixed feelings about – Malta Goya. I’ve seen it around and just figured it was some sort of cola or something but as the woman behind the counter explained to me- it’s more like a very sweet beer, not anything like soda. It’s actually made from molasses and indeed extremely sweet and malty, fun to try once but I’m not sure I’ll be bringing home a case from the grocery store anytime soon.

At any rate, Las Delicias more than lives up to it’s name, the food was really incredible. They do take credit cards in case you were curious, the prices are pretty cheap and the portions are quite generous. You’d do yourself a favor by trying it for yourself.



  1. Sounds like Top Chef this week! They were cooking in Puerto Rico, and one of the contestants used Malta to make a sauce.

  2. Does delicias have a menu on line? Our company has hispanics that would like to have spanish food for lunch.

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