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After reading over a recent blog by floor9 on a comparison of our local Regal and Cinema Center movie theaters, I’ve decided to weigh in on the issue with my own recommendation. There really are quite a few choices when heading to the movies in Harrisburg, including; Regal Cinemas, Cinema Center, AMC, the Whitaker Center’s IMAX, Colonial Park Mall Theater, West Shore Theater, and the Midtown Cinema (awesome indie cinema). I think it’s great to have so many choices, but after a recent trip the Great Escape Theatres in the Harrisburg Mall, I’m making my final answer.

For anyone who hasn’t already been to a movie at the Great Escape, there are quite a few reasons in my mind why you should make the switch. First of all, the tickets are cheaper – with my well expired college ID I bought admission to Prince Caspian for $7.50. I do believe (correct me if I’m mistaken) but that is the cheapest ticket in town. For those of you without college identification the cost of admission is $9.00. Now personally I’m not one to buy any concessions at the movie theater so this doesn’t really affect me, but the prices at Great Escape for the normal theater treats did seem exceptionally high, I’m assuming to make up for the lower ticket costs. Anyhow, the theater is really immaculate; it’s clean, the staff are friendly and helpful (wow!), and the picture and sound quality inside the theater are awesome. Seats are comfy and even the bathrooms impressed me. I’d have to say the only thing that bothered me was how they spelled theater – theatre. Is that British or something? Minor detail.

Anyway I know I’ll be viewing future flicks at the Great Escape Theatres, I find the place an all around better experience than the other mainstream spots around Harrisburg. Just bring your own junior mints.



  1. I do love how the armrests at the Great Escape can be raised out of the way, if you so desire. Big fan. But I’m a Cinema Center girl by most accounts.

    • Nicolas Capobianco
    • Posted September 9, 2012 at 6:07 pm
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