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Todd Shaeffer, formerly the owner of a very successful all age music venue in New Cumberland is seeking once again to create an outstanding location for the performing arts. The difference this time around is that he is pursuing theater- Improv in particular.

Todd has already determined a location in Philadelphia that would suit his newest venture and is seeking some help raising the start up capital necessary to get started. So what can you do? Vote for his idea on, a site that gives away $10k monthly to the idea that receives the most votes. Generally, it only takes about 50 votes to move an idea into the monthly finals, so your vote really does count for something. Philadelphia is really lacking the improv scene that other major cities like New York, LA and Chicago have long had in place. So support your local artists and go vote his idea up on Ideablob! (or why not submit your very own idea, check out my latest)


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