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Taj Palace in case you don’t already know is a brand spanking new addition to Harrisburg’s collection of diverse dining options. I stopped by the place a week or so back to see if 405 Jazz and Sophia’s replacement was a worthy eatery.

The inside of the place has not changed at all from the previous venues that existed, but really a change of decor is unnecessary as both 405 Jazz and Sophia’s were quite nice inside if you remember. Just replace the jazz with Indian music and you’ve got a pretty good picture of what Taj Palace is like inside. I was definitely impressed by the staff as they were very accommodating and courteous, but with a number of other Indian restaurants already in Harrisburg, would Taj Palace be any more worthy of a return visit than the others?

Hands down yes. The curry tasted so complex and well balanced that I couldn’t help but scrape the bowl clean with a piece of fresh naan. By the way, the bread was exceptional. All in all, I would say Taj Palace serves the best Indian I’ve had downtown, the prices were reasonable and I know I’ll be back to try another item from the menu. It’s definitely worth a try, check it out and see for yourself.


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  1. I have made this a regular stop, the food is excellent. They have the best Samosa i have ever had. The flavors are so much better than Passage! I would highly reccomend this restaurant!!

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