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Harrisburg is lucky enough to have a variety of Vietnamese restaurants to choose from: Pho Vietnam, Little Saigon, Garden Vietnamese, and Rose’s Vietnamese Cuisine. I have been to all 4 (if you know of any others please let me know) as well as the Vietnamese food stand in the Broad Street Market called Golden Gate, and I honestly have a very tough time trying to choose which spot has the best cuisine. What I can speak to are my individual experiences at each place separately, and I am happy to make recommendations to all 5 spots.

I went to Rose’s not long ago, and believe me I have always been skeptical, but my curiosity and love of Vietnamese cuisine eventually led me inside the place. It’s located in a small strip mall a few miles outside of downtown Harrisburg on Walnut Street. Like all the other Vietnamese restaurants around Harrisburg, Rose’s isn’t much to look at once inside. But to me it’s really not about aesthetics unless I’m paying for it, and Rose’s is anything but expensive. I went with the lemon grass grilled chicken over white rice. The wait was a little longer than expected but believe you me, it was well worth it. The chicken was really like nothing I’ve ever had before. I can honestly say I’ve never had chicken that tasted so fresh and so tender, it was incredible! It was later explained to me that the delay in receiving my food was because they only make the chicken after you order it, everything is made fresh. I can live with that for sure.

On the way out I had a short chat with Rose herself (I had to compliment the food) and she assured me that her restaurant sold the best Pho in Harrisburg so naturally I am planning a return visit. Exceptional food, I fully endorse Rose’s Vietnamese Cuisine.


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