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So I noticed a small headline on PennLive this morning that I just had to share – a human body exhibit here in Harrisburg! I’ve seen similar exhibits in Baltimore and Philly but this is going to be inside the Whitaker Center! Obviously I’m kind of excited about this, as the displays are incredible. If you haven’t already seen any human body exhibits you really need to make some time for this, you will be blown away at the complexity of the body. What they do if you’re not familiar is place human bodies in everyday positions and pull back certain parts of organs and skin to show what’s underneath and inside. Really fascinating and definitely not something you see everyday (hopefully).

Anyway the exhibit will be coming to the Whitaker Center beginning on June 7th, with tickets ranging from $16-$22. See it for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.


  1. this is so gross

  2. I would venture to say gross isn’t the best way to describe it, more like spectacular. The body exhibit is just unbelievable and gives the average person the opportunity to see what professionals in the medical field see everyday.

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