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There is currently an entrepreneurial initiative being put together to get body building suppliments to our troops overseas at wholesale prices. For many troops operating in Iraq and Afghanistan, weightlifting and exercise not only keeps them fit for combat, but it is also many times the only way to pass the time. Additionally, it is a healthy outlet for releasing the stress that builds up from long deployments.

An entrepreneur and Iraq war marine veteran by the name of Seargant Keith Reilly is proposing to purchase bodybuilding supplements wholesale and sell them to the troops at the various military installations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This will give the troops access to the supplements that they couldn’t otherwise receive at reasonable prices.

So what can you do to support this effort? Merely cast your vote on Idea Blob, a website that hands out $10,000 every month to the idea that receives the most votes. Currently, the proposed idea to get suppliments to the troops has made it to this week’s top ideas. Your vote can really make a difference, click the link below and help make this idea a reality!

My Idea


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