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So I randomly noticed a small hole in the wall restaurant the other day called the Jackson House, it’s located at 6th and Boas Streets. The storefront was littered with those best of Harrisburg stickers for best burger so I figured I had better look into the matter. I stepped inside the place for lunch (it’s only open for lunch FYI) and noticed the place certainly had character. It’s really not much to look at inside, but the sheer amount of people that were squeezed in the tiny dining room gave me high expectations for the food.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I ordered the “Jackson Burger” guessing it was the house specialty and sweet heavens the 1/2 pound burger was so juicy and succulent I basically inhaled the thing. Prices are practical, the staff was friendly, and I left more than satisfied. You should be aware that they don’t take credit cards, but other than that I fully endorse the place and suggest you toss whatever lunch you brown bagged this morning and head over to the Jackson House for the best burger in Harrisburg.



  1. Sounds much better than McDonald’s 🙂

  2. Please open one up in colional Park

  3. So what good is the place if it’s not open beyond lunch? One of the reasons why I moved from mid town … merchants who don’t even try to court their neighbors. Even when I happened to be around during the day time, this sort of dissing of my needs ensured my business went elsewhere.

  4. Tom Swider: “So what good is the place if it’s not open beyond lunch?”

    They cater to the state workers in the surrounding high-rises.

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