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This past weekend, Saturday to be exact, I went to the Saturday’s Market off 230 East in Middletown. I was quite excited to be going as it took me about 4 years to understand from the billboard on 83 north what and where this market existed. It’s one of those billboards that you prepare yourself for as you pass it because it has so much information on it you really never understand anything about it. And I never really did glean any information about the market off the billboard, I just got frustrated enough to goodsearch (no body googles anymore) for the the place and found a primitive website with all the information I needed. Interestingly enough, the website was, who would have thought?

Anyway, I finally get to this place and I’ll happily vouch that it’s worth the visit, or at least one. Some of the vendors in this place appear to have been born and raised inside their respective vendor space. However, there are a number of great food vendors and you can really find some interesting goods there, especially if you’re into salvation army type gear. I had an extra key made for my car from a gentleman who has been hand cutting keys for 37 years. Total price: $1.50. Not too shabby, although the market generally is a little run down. The website boasts over 300 vendors inside as well as a number out in the parking lot, and I would say it may be nearly accurate. All in all, the visit was worth it, and I would recommend giving it a try, even if your goal is just to photograph sweet mullets.


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  1. I love Saturday’s Market. It’s like a live-action version of eBay. I found my early-80s orange-and-light-beige SpaceMaker coffee maker there.

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