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You can spend loads of time and money searching for the right intern candidate, or you can simply log on to to find interns; it’s fast, easy, and completely free. There are also a number of regional business resources on the website, including a comprehensive manual on how to start and maintain a quality internship program.

If your business currently doesn’t use interns, you’re really missing out on an invaluable resource. Allow me to explain:

Top 10 Reasons Your Organization Benefits from Hiring Interns

  1. Proven, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees.
  2. Almost 50 percent of internship students accept permanent positions with their internship employers. The retention of college graduates after 5 years of employment is 30% greater for internship graduates.
  3. Employers can seamlessly convert student interns to full-time employees who can be immediately productive. Cost-per-hire is significantly decreased.
  4. Increase name recognition of your company on campus.
  5. Availability of continuous flow of motivated students for selection.
  6. Students bring new perspectives to old problems.
  7. The cost of recruiting internship students averages sixteen times less than recruiting recent college graduates.
  8. Flexible and cost effective labor and skill needed to complete special projects.
  9. Internship programs build positive relationships between businesses and schools.
  10. Freedom for professional staff to pursue more creative projects.


Hopefully by now you can see the value to both the intern and your organization. The best place to locate an intern for a Central PA company is, where you can send your internship request to over 50 college and university career centers in one click! Did I mention it was completely free to use?


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