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There really is nothing better to me than paying a small amount of money for a large amount of delicious food that is sold from an independent restaurant or food stand. That happened to be my experience today at the Broad Street Market. First of all, if you haven’t been to the Broad Street Market you are plain crazy, the place is overflowing with quality homemade foods and eats of all varieties for great prices. Take for instance the UNBELIEVABLE green chili curry I had from the Bankok Kitchen the other day. I’d venture to say it was the best meal I’ve ever had before. (yea I said it)

Anyway, back to the Kim Chee People. The Korean food stand has been in the market for only about a week, it’s run by two sweet ladies who really are more than willing (like most of the vendors) to make you whatever you want, however you like it. I tried the lunch special, for $5 I received: 1 chicken dumpling, 1 beef dumpling, steamed vegetables,  kim chee, fried rice, and a pile of spicy pork. I enjoyed it to the last bite, eating past the point of fullness. The moral of the story here is give the Kim Chee People a try, the food is good, the price is nice. And if you haven’t been to the Broad Street Market….. GO! This I command!


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