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Haven’t quite be enable to put down your bud light for a fine wine as of yet? Never really enjoyed the taste of mom’s wine? No worries, a visit to your local winery might surprise your palate.

I never really enjoyed wine myself, that is, until I discovered the incredible variety of wines that exist and how delicious many of them can be. And, while you might raise some eyebrows by trying a sip of every different wine in a liquor store to find one you like, it’s encouraged and usually free at your local winery. After a few visits to local wineries just for something new to do with my girlfriend, I quickly realized that there is a wine for everyone’s taste, whether you like dry, sweet, sugary, aged, white, red, rose, the list goes on and on. The moral of the story is, give it a try and be amazed at how you take to one or two of the wines you might taste at a local winery.

Luckily for residents of the mid-state, there are a number of wineries you can visit that are very close by:

My favorite winery: West Hanover Winery

Other wineries I personally recommend:Nissley Vineyards, Naylor Wine Cellars, and Cullari Vineyards

logo.gifBut, you can find wineries state-wide at – an excellent website. So, as I always say; buy local, support your local winery, and educate yourself on some of the many fine tasting wines out there, you’d be surprised!


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