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1.jpgIf only everyone knew what there was available to do at any given time, perhaps then we wouldn’t have this ongoing dilemma of finding something interesting to be occupied with. I think the problem with finding something to do especially around Central PA is that people don’t really know what’s out there,and you can bet your beard that the people that do have 3.jpgsomething sweet to do aren’t so much in a hurry to pull you onto the wagon. It really isn’t that “there’s never anything to do around here” as I’ve heard from so many lips somany times it’s downright annoying.



Now I’ll admit that on occasion I too have uttered those words so disparagingly, but I have since decided to increase my efforts instead of my tab at blockbuster. The search has been rewarding; it took a great deal of time on the net, but I’ve come across2.jpg a number of websites that do inform you about what there is to do in the area and when events are happening. Take for instance, or; or the burgblurb. These websites (although scattered and segmented) among others can really give you some options for the weekend.

However, my all time favorite event website would still have to be Make a note to visit the site, I’ve already set up a Harrisburg Metro events calender and Central PA group. Eventful is sort of a combination of facebook and google calendar and really has some sweet features. It’s easy to use, free, and does a great job of informing people across the net about what is happening wherever they might be. I don’t think it’s really taken off quite yet, so there aren’t too many events that get put on there of great interest -yet. But I aim to change, and I think if a few other people started posting events on the site it would increase in popularity real quick. The nice part about eventful is that if you do post an event on the site it gives you the option of posting the same event automatically to a dozen other web calendar sites. Free publicity for your next bingo party that’s for sure. Another website that is very similar and I also recommend is

But don’t take my word for it . . .


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  1. Well – a year later than you wrote it, but I finally found this article.

    Thanks for mentioning!

    The tough part about competing with a place like and zvents – is that the site is not my full time job. If it were – the listings would be much more complete- and I would probably be broke.

    It has been a fun 10 years running the site however, and I have no plans to stop. In fact – if I ever get the time, I hope to encourage more people to post events – and – for myself to integrate some of the feeds that are available out there. (Eventful and Zvents do not allow commercial reproduction.. dang)

    I agree that even with these sites, there are still problems finding something to do.

    PaMidstate MEDIA, LLC.

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