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Where to eat tonight, tomorrow, this morning, WHATEVER. There is certainly a regular routine that forms around the dining out experience that takes place on weekends or for lunch during the week. I’ll admit, I didn’t grow up in a family that went out to eat a lot – if ever. Even still, now that my family has become rather fond of outsourcing dinner to the nearest restaurant, the dining choices have become pretty predictable.

Something quick? – Wendy’s. Hamburgers? – Red Robin. Something nice? – Olive Garden. Something new – um. . . no.

And why not? Simply because people don’t want to try something unfamiliar, something exotic, go outside those “safe” name brand restaurants. The problem for me is that I personally prefer trying new things; I prefer eating something I haven’t experiencedbayou.jpg before, something authentic. Even if it’s a flavor that I have had before, I want to support the non-name brand restaurant, the little guy, the local economy.

How can this problem be solved?!

The answer for MidState residents is thankfully an easy one:

This website allows anyone to rate or add restaurants that they have been to across the midstate and personally review the experience that they have had.

A perfect way to try something new and be the hero because you know what to expect! I wish this website had been out while I was attending college in central PA, but it is a rather new- and growing- attraction. Here you will find ratings on restaurants by genre: want to try Lebanese? Korean? how about a local Indian restaurant? You will find all you need to know including web addresses, ratings (out of 5 stars), and reviews (some people really do go all out here!)

So check it out: – Find something new to eat and actually enjoy the experience, become a restaurant connoisseur, or just support the little guy!

‘nough said!



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